Build your own political party game

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Build your own political party game

Election day is the moment when years of work are put to the test. The and elections proved the power of locally organized grassroots engagement, but the tools cost millions of dollars to custom build.

Now, your party can rely on — and afford — the same platform trusted by dozens of political parties worldwide. Your advantage? Campaigns and elections come and go — but your party is forever. And with NationBuilder, so is your data. Set up the foundation of your new site by selecting a public theme, editable without any need for HTML or other coding expertise. While creating a beautiful site is easy with basic themestemplates are fully customizable for web designers as well.

Either way, you've got the base for a fully integrated web and data system. Next, connect your party's Twitter handle and Facebook page to a broadcaster, and NationBuilder will import your social media community so you can track how they're interacting with you.

Political Parties: Crash Course Government and Politics #40

Finally, you'll be able to activate a free phone number for tracking calls, call-forwarding, and especially for text keywords and blasts. Email lists, volunteer databases, event hosting sites, old paper sign-in sheets!!! With NationBuilder, they don't have to live in separate systems. Instead of creating duplicates across the board, NationBuilder's importer will match records based on email addresses and other unique identifiers, so you can append supporter information from multiple lists to a single profile.

Using email addresses, NationBuilder Match will also comb the public social media profiles of your supporters, appending information from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Klout into their profiles.

Free access to the voter file will provide your organization with the foundation it needs to target voter outreach and cultivate your own deeply developed voter file - all integrated with your supporter data and appends from any source.

Connect your payment processor to begin accepting donations from your supporters. Then connect your broadcasters to email addresses to prepare for one-to-one and blast email communication.

Use the site to collect new and enrich current supporter information, run surveys, host events, keep party members up to date, and simplify the actions they take. By now you've got everything in place to let your county party function like a state party. You have the power to bring that infrastructure to your local candidates. Activating Enterprise Edition will allow any of your endorsed candidates to create their own separate nation while still gaining access to website themes, page templates, lists, supporters, donors, volunteers, voter information, and tags that you choose to share with them.

Repeat this every cycle: last year it was school board, this cycle it's city council, next cycle it's county commission, burgess, township board, or anything else. By providing the local candidates with their own nations, you can give your endorsed candidates the confidence they need to maximize their campaign.

By simply taking actions, all supporters have the power to recruit other supporters. What's more, every time someone RSVPs, comments on your Facebook page, donates, recruits new volunteers, or takes another action, they can gain "points" via the powerful, customizable " political capital " system, allowing you to quickly identify who is making the biggest impact.

You can also sort lists by Klout Score or Twitter followers, giving you the ability to quickly identify and empower your most influential supporters. If you are organizing essential services or emergency response to COVID, activate your free account.

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Software Run your nonprofit. Run your nonprofit Build the infrastructure to strengthen your supporter relationships and scale your organization. Build your advocacy organization Find, mobilize, and equip your best advocates to spread your message around the world.We are working on a brand new version of the game! If you want to stay informed, read our blog and register for our mailing list.

Particracy is a political simulation game where the player takes on the role of a political party in a fictional nation. Players propose and vote on legislation, form cabinets, determine economic policy and join international treaties as they compete for votes with other political parties in their nation. The opinions of voters in each nation is measured on a wide variety of opinions, meaning every region and every nation is unique, and constantly changing.

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Will your nation be a free market paradise or a socialist utopia? Only the voters will decide. To learn about the cultural backgrounds of the different nations, click here.

build your own political party game

If you want to play the game, but do not have a player account yet, you can click here to create one. This is entirely free. If you already have an account, do not make another one. Multi-accounting is forbidden! For all questions, email me at lievenswouter gmail.

Welcome to Particracy! Introduction Particracy is a political simulation game where the player takes on the role of a political party in a fictional nation. For a short tutorial, click here. For the rules, click here. New Players If you want to play the game, but do not have a player account yet, you can click here to create one. However, players may collectively improvise arrangements of their own to provide a satisfying explanation for how parties with no seats in the legislature can speak and vote there.

Random quote: "The trouble with unemployment is that the minute you wake up in the morning you're on the job. Random fact: In cases where a party has no seat, the default presumption should be that the party is able to contribute to debates in the legislature due to one of its members winning a seat at a by-election.Voting History Sort not available on mobile.

Please visit the desktop version for full functionality. You do not currently have anyone in your frontbench. Add some ministers to see statistics on how they collectively break down. The parties represented in your Frontbench hold seats. If working in a coalition, your Frontbench would hold a majority.

Build a long-term strategy for your political party

If working in coalition, your Frontbench would not hold a majority. To reach a majority you must fill a further seats. This candidate has not been an elected Member of Parliament and so does not have a voting history. Responsibilities include:. The Secretary of State for Transport has overall responsibility for the policies of the Department for Transport.

The department's main policy areas are:. The Prime Minister is head of the UK government and is ultimately responsible for the policy and decisions of the government. The Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs has overall responsibility for the work of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, with particular focus on:.

The Secretary of State for Defence has overall responsibility for the business of the department providing strategic direction on policy, operations, acquisition and personnel matters, including:.

build your own political party game

DH provides strategic leadership for public health, the NHS and social care in England, focused around 5 key priorities:. The Secretary of State for Wales is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Wales Office.

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The Chief Whip is responsible for administering the whipping system that ensures that members of the party attend and vote in Parliament as the party leadership desires.

One of their responsibilities is making sure the maximum number of their party members vote, and vote the way their party wants. Main areas of responsibility include:.

The position is currently coupled with that of Minister for Faith. DWP is responsible for the administration of the state pension and working age benefits system, providing support to:. The Secretary of State for Justice has oversight of all of Ministry of Justice business and is responsible for making improvements to the criminal justice and prison system so that it better serves the public. Other responsibilities include:.Choose a candidate and run against a computer opponent or a candidate controlled by another person over the Internet.

The Political Machine is Here It's time to enter the race! Buy on For this election cycle we have a ton of updates in store between now and Spread your Ideology — Participate in Town Hall events to earn ideology points and solidify your position on hot issues with your voters.

Manage your Campaign Budget — Purchase advertisements, travel across the country to campaign, and hire operatives to enhance your PR or cripple your opponent. Create a Candidate — Customize your own front runner and race for the White House.

build your own political party game

Participate in Interviews - Accept invitations to various talk shows across the country in order to share your opinion on issues important to the American people. Generate Enthusiasm — Use your power and money to purchase ads to discredit your opponent and influence voters.

The greater enthusiasm your base has for an issue, the more effective your ad campaigns will be.

Election 2015: Pick 'n' mix and make your own manifesto

Choose your Candidate — Play as one of several candidates, each with their own custom stats like stamina, intelligence, charisma, media bias, and more. Practice your Politics — A sophisticated underlying simulation model uses census data and real issues to test your political savvy.

Check your Standings — With poll tracking and leaderboards, you can see how well people are playing as their candidates or what issues they are supporting over time. Create your own custom candidate and put up a fight for the White House!

Biden and Trump aren't "feeling the Bern" here - and neither is Kentucky. Customize your ideology and choose the platforms that appeal most to your voters. Stay "sharp" on interviews - they could raise voters' enthusiasm or put you in danger. Give speeches on important issues, paying attention to what's important to that state. The Political Machine v1.Are you tired of today's income taxes?

Do you find them too complicated? How frustrated do you get by not being able to figure out how much you'll either owe or get back from the government until you've spent hours and maybe hundreds of dollars actually preparing your Form ? Isn't there a better way to pay for all that government we get? One that's pretty transparent and doesn't load up on special tax breaks for politically connected people?

One that can fairly apply income taxes across the full spectrum of the nation's income earners? Here at Political Calculations, we don't know if your way might be better, much less just what your way might be, but we can put the tools in your hands that you can use to build a brand new income tax code from scratch! But more than that, we can also show you how successful your new income tax system might be in collecting money compared to today's system, at least, forright along with working out how much your tax bill would be under your system so you can compare your actual tax bill with your proposed option.

Previously, we showed that all you need to define a progressive tax rate schedule like the U. We've selected default data to show off some of the tool's capabilities. Yes, we can handle negative income tax rates to benefit those with low incomes!

Yes, we can handle a perfectly progressive income tax system, with incrementally increasing rates that apply with increasing incomes up to a maximum level just leave the middle "target" tax rate blank!

And we can handle even more! Just enter your ideal progressive tax rate structure into the first table below. Of course, a progressive income tax rate structure is nice, but what if you want an easy way to explore a flat tax? Or maybe you'd like to see what would happen if you set up a taxable income cap like Social Security has? Then again, you might be the kind of person who would like to impose a super high income tax rate or surtax for those who earn super high incomes.

Sure, you could play with the numbers you enter for the progressive tax rate data table above to get these effects, but wouldn't it be really nice if you had a super easy way to check out these possibilities?

If any of the above describes you, we have a solution for you. The "Super Tax" data table below the progressive tax data table will let you set up a special tax rate that will override part or all of the progressive rate tax table above so you can explore these possibilities!During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together.

Updated: July 25, Reader-Approved References. When you have enough members, you can set up the organizational structure of your party. If you meet eligibility requirements, like having enough signatures of support and showing proof that you are organized and active as a party, you can officially register with the electoral commission in your area. Then, your party can really get going by fully taking part in elections and political life.

Starting a political party takes a lot of effort, but you can make it easier on yourself by knowing your local requirements, having a distinct brand, and organizing supporters. Before you take any steps to form your party, contact your local electoral commission and find out their requirements for registering a political party.

Then, you can start social media accounts with this name and start promoting yourself. Once you have a social media presence, promote meetings at local places where people can learn about your political party and become official members.

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For more advice, including how to establish rules for your party, read on. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

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build your own political party game

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